Our story

The Australian urge to explore

We've crafted our motorhomes and vans with the blend of excitement, adventure, comfort, and aesthetic appeal representing the great Australian adventure.

Each van is built with an unwavering commitment to quality ensuring our customers embark on their journeys with confidence.

A new era in motorhome design

After months of meticulous design and development, we knew we had created something special. The demand for our vans quickly outpaced our initial production capabilities, and we soon found ourselves scaling up our operations to meet the growing demand.

To maintain our high standards, we've expanded our team by carefully selecting passionate and skilled individuals who share our vision for the ultimate travel experience. Our commitment to crafting the finest motorhomes in Australia remains steadfast, as we continue to push the boundaries of design, comfort, and innovation.

The power of travel

We believe in the power of travel and the value of experiences that come from exploring the vast and diverse Australian landscape. Our vans are designed to provide you with a comfortable and stylish home away from home, so you can enjoy every moment of your adventure.

Core values

True commitment to quality

  • Quality craftsmanship

    Built with care and attention to detail, our motorhomes ensure long-lasting satisfaction.
  • Relaxed buying experience

    Everyone works at a different pace. Enjoy a relaxed, enjoyable journey to ownership.
  • Comfort on-the-go

    Expect the comfort of home as you travel in style with our thoughtfully designed interiors.
  • Exceptional after-sales support

    Our dedicated aftercare team supports you long after your purchase, providing peace of mind.